The 82R dropper resistors will have to be increased to R on the chip resistor for any other colour. Add stamp while capturing photo. The desired sequence will show at start-up. These are all clever instructions that need to be looked at to see how they operate. It sounds great and it is a good idea. It is accessed by turning the project OFF.

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And this requires a fair amount of skill and capability. If the project is turned off and on again, this sequence will be displayed as sequence1. Release the button and allow the sequence to cycle.

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None of the code you produce is tx in the normal programming section of the chip. These are all clever instructions that need to be looked at to see how they operate.

All the work is done by the micro. The 5 programming pins are called «machine pins» and are soldered directly to the top of each land by adding a little solder to the land and the hollow end of the pin.

Crop Image — Rotate image and Flip image.

Pic FX |

Crop photos in pre-defined and custom aspect ratios. We have provided all the hardware and software for you to do this. It will work on 6v if the regulator is removed and a diode is placed between the «in» and «out» pads or on 7v to 15v DC with the regulator fitted to the board. You need to add it to the table and make sure you end with retlw 00 to send the micro back to Main.


Take picture in high resolution! It would require a larger chip and more expense.

Pic FX (photo filters)

Now press the first button. Picture Plus allows you to add text to photos and is simple!

The only way to achieve this is to lay everything out and explain things in the finest detail. This is a skip, goto, call, or return.

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OFF time 3rd file: Just be fd that the two are not interchangeable. Press SwA and at the same time, turn project ON. As soon as SwA is released, the program starts to time the duration when a switch is not pressed and it «times-out» after 2. And your program can be about 4 times bigger.


To be able to modify the chip you will need a programming socket and this can be obtained from one of our other projects that contains the 5 pins for in-circuit programming. The u electrolytic is replaced with a 10u tantalum soldered under the board.

You can see what can be done with a micro as soon as you assemble the kit. But our drive is to show how much can be done with the simplest devices on the market, at the lowest cost.


Normally the code will freeze after 5 attempts, but we have removed this feature to see if you can «break the code. Using our method is like writing your own auto-biography. Press the button again for the second, third and fourth sound. It involves a method of pid and paste» whereby sub-routines are taken from previously written code and copied into your program.

You have no room for your own program.

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If you think you can start programming without reading programs from other cx, you are wasting your time. This track is missing from the board and must be connected via a short length of fine tinned copper wire included in the kit. Always solder the SM resistors with the value showing.

The display will die. This will erase the programs supplied in the chip, so additional chips are recommended if you want to write your own programs.