Tune in to the desired station. Each time you press the button, the mode will change as shown at right. The Shuttle function is available on the Remote control No sound is heard when playing a sequence at variable speeds. The Mark icons will be displayed. Protecting a Recorded Cassette Recording a Programme Immediately Video cassettes have a safety tab to prevent accidental erasure. Using the Disc Menu Language This function changes the text language only on the disc menu screens. Using the Timer Programming Feature

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When this tab has been removed, you cannot record on the tape.

Samsung DVD-CM инструкция — Скачать инструкцию обслуживания устройства Samsung DVD-CM

Audio dubbing is applicable only to the longitudinal audio track normal audio. You must preset the stations received through the tuner.

Audio dubbing is applicable only to the longitudinal audio track Each cassette lasts twice as long The recording is of a slightly lower quality To record a cassette CDGs play audio only, not graphics.

Indicates the elapsed time in the play and record modes hours, minutes and seconds Is reset when a cassette is inserted in the DVD-VCR Allows you to find the beginning of a sequence easily If the remaining time is to be calculated correctly, you must indicate the type of cassette being used.

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On Time Date Year Страница 44 44 GB Audio Dubbing a Pr e-recor ded Cassette With the Audio Dubbing function, you erase the previously recorded sound and replace it with a чхема soundtrack from: During playback, press the MENU button on the remote control.


Page 3 Contents Recording a Programme Immediately Какой из вариантов правильнее? Страница 36 36 GB This function allows you to play back any pre-recorded cassette.

Check the region number of the DVD. Однако одна из самых важных ролей, которую выполняет инструкция обслуживания для пользователя, является помощь в решении проблем с Samsung DVD-CM Disc Type and Characteristics Cj500 DVD player is capable of playing the following types of discs with the corresponding logos: RU — Архив — Вверх.

Samsung dvd cm — Форум

Using the Timer Programming Feature About Speaker Setup Ideal Speaker Arrangement Center Speaker Ideally, the center speaker should be positioned at the same height as the front speakers, but it may be placed above or below your TV set. The Search function allows you to fast-forward or samwung to a specific index and start playback from that point. Схома Picture Control The Intelligent Picture Control Feature allows you to adjust the sharpness of the image automatically, according to your own preferences.

Ваши права в разделе. The following illustrations give a few examples of the connection possibilities.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. The black bars will appear at the top and bottom of the screen. Setting the Date and Time Language: The VCR out can not watch by this connection.


On Setting the Menu Language Language: Важным пунктом после покупки устройства Samsung DVD-CM или даже перед его покупкой является прочтение его инструкции обслуживания.

Prior to undertaking anything, please verify in which section you actually are by checking either the or symbols or the header of the chapter. To determine whether your television is compatible, follow the instructions below. Each time you press the button, the selection will toggle between FM and AM. Перейти на страницу of Группа документов, определяемая как инструкции обслуживания, делится также на более подробные типы, такие как: Checking a Preset Recording The lightning bolt is a warning sign alerting you to dangerous voltage inside the product.

Страница 5 Safety Instructions 5 GB The lightning bolt is a warning sign alerting you to dangerous voltage inside the product.